Next 20 years in US


In view of Social Science, sometimes the occurrences between the real reasons versus its results are totally the reversed. For example war occurs for no reason, but someone may use the reason of war, to go to war.
For this reason, we could relate it to deflation that has been occurring in Japan for the past 20 years. Deflation has resulted in the decline of both marriage and birth rates.
However in my opinion, deflation was made to decrease the birth rate.
As an evidence of this theory, during WW2 in Japan, any woman who did not give birth to a boy was labelled as a traitor. However, in current day Japan, it is said from Internet Board that not a person who does not have a child, is referred to as a Smart Person.
With the rapid development that has started since the Industrial Revolution, seems likely to end the World population’s limit.Therefore, it seems that the world needs to restrict population from such a situation.
Before in WW2, countries could go to war. However, nowadays the weapons’ strength has developed greatly and became so strong that war could lead to unexpected results for the world’s elites. Hence, they cannot go to war by the method of “population adjustment”.

With reference to developing countries like China, they have solved this problem by tough measures on having ‘One-Child Policy’. However, in developed countries like Japan it is very difficult to implement such a policy, as they have used deflation as a method to indirectly restrict their population.
In this world, there is only one country that is a developed country that shows steady increase in its population, this is the U.S.
Nowadays, U.S’ political strategy was tested in Japan in favour of US, such examples were seen in incidents like the collapse of the real estate market in 1991 and also during the time when Koizumi became Prime Minister after he managed to use internet to get support from young people.
Radiation and Deflation could also be a tool to restrict US population.






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