The 99 Percent Wakes Up 1


Joseph E. Stiglitz 、翻訳WICS(間違ってても責任とりません、一文分らない所があるので後ほど訂正)

不平等はアメリカを悩ませるだけではなく、アラブの春を引き起こした、なぜなら国際資本主義は破綻しているからだ。「カイロからウォールストリートへ」ー世界の春の意見ー編集:Anya Schiffrin、Eamon Kircher-Allen。ノーベル賞受賞学者Joseph Stiglitzは世界市民はついに暴動を起こし、民衆のための(お金の問題ではなく)民主主義を望んでいる。と述べた。


1848年と1968年は新しい時代の始まりを意味する。2011年もそうかもしれない。近代のグローバル化も役割を果たした。グローバル化は考え方の発展や国境を越えを支援した。若者の蜂起は北アフリカの沿岸国チュニジアで起こり、近隣のエジプトに広まり、中東の国に広まり、スペインとギリシャに広まり、イギリスとUSに広まり、世界中の街に広まった。あるケースでは少なくとも一時的に抗議の火花は収まった。他のケースでは小規模な抗議にも関わらずエジプトのHosni MubarakリビアのMuammar Qaddafiまた他の政府高官を権力の座から引き下ろした。

Joseph Stiglitz: The 99 Percent Wakes Up
by Joseph E. Stiglitz May 2, 2012 5:15 PM EDT

Inequality isn’t only plaguing America—the Arab Spring flowered because international capitalism is broken. In From Cairo to Wall Street: Voices from the Global Spring, edited by Anya Schiffrin and Eamon Kircher-Allen, Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz says the world is finally rising up and demanding a democracy where people, not dollars, matter—the best government that money can buy just isn’t good enough.

There are times in history when people all over the world seem to rise up, to say that something is wrong and to ask for change. This was true of the tumultuous years of 1848 and 1968. It was certainly true in 2011. In many countries there was anger and unhappiness about joblessness, income distribution, and inequality and a feeling that the system is unfair and even broken.

Both 1848 and 1968 came to signify the start of a new era. The year 2011 may also. The modern era of globalization also played a role. It helped the ferment and spread of ideas across borders. The youth uprising that began in Tunisia, a little country on the coast of North Africa, spread to nearby Egypt, then to other countries of the Middle East, to Spain and Greece, to the United Kingdom and to Wall Street, and to cities around the world. In some cases, the spark of protest seemed, at least temporarily, quenched. In others, though, small protests precipitated societal upheavals, taking down Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi, and other governments and government officials.







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